Thursday, January 31, 2013


This is a very simple puppet. I think it took me 2 seconds to make. But Missy LOVED it. She laughed and laughed at it (okay, maybe she was laughing at my lack of puppet making skills). But we named it Silly Pants and it loves to eat markers. When we got tired of making it eat markers Missy put balls in it. We played with it for a good part of the afternoon. Who knew a paper bag could be so much fun?

Balls in a muffin tin! So much fun!

UNO cards. We sorted them by color. We named the numbers on the front. We glued pictures on the front and named the animals. We hid the cards and then found them. Missy has been packing these cards around with her the last few days. Quick to make and I used things we already had at home.

Looking at her new cards

She has been making this face lots lately

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